O Captain My Captain

I had the flu yesterday. Part of that involved going through my DVR and watching — for the second time — NFL Network’s show “Roger Staubach: A Football Life”. This is the greatest hour of television this year. They don’t make many like him — cliche, but true. The show will make its way […]

R.I.P. — Robert Newhouse

Former Dallas Cowboys fullback (a local legend) has died at age 64. The above is his most well known play — an option pass for a touchdown to Golden Richards in Super Bowl XII. WFAA has the story:

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Robert Newhouse has died at age 64. His death was confirmed […]

Sunday Open Thread

Drew Pearson catches the original “Hail Mary” in the 1975 NFC Divisional Playoffs vs. the Vikings.

Another guy got screwed by Hall of Fame voters this past week. Drew Pearson has better overall numbers than Lynn Swann and better than John Stallworth over the same period (who played three years longer) both of whom […]

Wednesday Open Thread

Thanksgiving 1974 — last second 50-yard bomb from the Dallas Cowboys’ Clint Longley to should be Hall of Famer Drew Pearson to beat the hated Redskins…. 24-23

Romo — Trying for the Win!

Tom Landry

Outlaw sent me this link… a new comprehensive biography of the late and great Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry. It releases on November 4, but you can pre-order it here. I was going to ask for it for Christmas, but I don’t think I want to wait.


Tell it like it is

Comedian Thierrion Kagan, laying the smack-down on Bob Costas. Oh, how the once mighty, even those of the 5-foot-nothin’ variety, have fallen in my eyes. Be sure to check out the rest of Thierrion’s column.

After Costas recapped the events in Kansas City, he haughtily scolded those who need tragedies like this to keep […]

Wednesday with Floyd

Dallas Cowboys Summer Camp. Oxnard, California.

Insightful Football Commentary From China

Actually this is more spot on than anything you will hear from Fox, NBC or ESPN. Especially the part about the Cowboys not succeeding until Jerry Jones dies.

You Can’t Spell Class Without Ass…

The Dallas Morning News today re-printed a column written by some Cretin at the Philadelphia Inquirer named Frank Fitzpatrick…

People often ask me why I dislike the Cowboys so. As Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a Dallas cheerleader until pantaloons above the ankle prompted her resignation, once wrote, let me count the ways:

Tom Landry‚Äôs hat. […]