Cheerleaders, the other reason some people watch football.

I would argue that the Cowboys cheerleaders unis have been modified. The make up of the outfit is the same but the shorts are cut differently than they were 14 years ago. Not that I would notice such things.


Debbie Does The USAF

As I predicted HERE the morons in charge over in zoomie land went overboard in their zeal to rid the service of offensive material.

As noted HERE and ESPECIALLY HERE the witch hunt left no stone unturned.

The Air Force destroyed a Maxim mens magazine and a poster of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader in an […]

Cheerleader Please!

Happy Halloween Lil’ Wayne! err… Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader dressed up as Lil Wayne! I can’t tell if that’s blackface or if that what she looks like after she stepped into the shit storm she’s embroiled in.

For the record — I think it’s a GREAT costume — high-larious and Blacks can unclench. I also […]

Sunday Open Thread