Tuesday Open Thread

Christmas Variety

We’re discussing Michael Buble’s Christmas special and it’s inspirations in the Caterwauling post below… so why not post a video of the real deal?

Of course… maybe it had run its course by the 1970s…

and of course….Happy Life Day!

Three things come to mind with the last one… 1. George […]

Wednesdays with Nipsey

40-ish years later …

Wednes, er, Thursday with Nipsey

Short work week, been sick as a dog lately, blah-blah-blah. What day’s today anyway? To Goatherd, I say this: gentlemen may or may not prefer blondes, but we sure love redheads. Ditto Nipsey …

Wednesdays With Nipsey

I’m assuming Eric forgot. I got your back E. OK — it’s Nipsey and Co. — but what company.

Wednesdays with Nipsey