Bring your own bean soda, somewhere there’s a party ...

Besides the usual suspects on the alphabet networks and/or media outlets with floundering ratings/sales, who says only the Republicans can enjoy in-fighting? Certainly not the latest Taki’s Mag piece from David Cole Stein (I somehow missed the column a couple week’s ago). Please be sure to check out the rest of it here.

“In […]

Abortion Barbie — “Fuzzy on the Facts”

Democratic candidate for Texas Governor and heroine of the hard left abortion movement Wendy Davis is a liar. Take it away Washington Post:

Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis, who is running for governor of Texas, has admitted that some of the public details about her personal history are incomplete or inaccurate, according to a […]

Gee! It’s Like They Made the Whole Thing Up!

So how many votes did Texas’ racist Voter ID law suppress in this past election? You guessed it. Zilch. Nada for our friends north of the Border.

Democrats who oppose voter ID have consistently claimed that it suppresses votes. If they are correct, then Texas should have seen turnout drop off in 2013 compared […]

Finally a Bipartisan Consensus

What is the one issue upon which members of both parties can agree? Slush funds. Big fat slush funds.

On Sunday, a 60 Minutes investigative report by veteran CBS reporter Steve Kroft and Government Accountability Institute (GAI) President and Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer revealed how leadership PAC loopholes allow members of Congress […]

And the award for the most bitter clinger goes to …

… the driver of the car to which the below bumper sticker’s attached. As seen in the parking garage at the UCLA Medical Center, guessing they really must have been extra cranky walking the facility fully known as the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

I would rather drink six razor blades

Young Democrats like Justin Chenette may think their vision of the United States’ future would thrive most effectively in a collectivist environment, but methinks we’ve already seen how that movie ends. Counter Contempt’s David Stein agrees. Be sure to check out the whole column for more nifty-cool historical reminders.

What is wrong, massively, horrifically wrong, […]

Romney or Democrats?

The AP is feeling especially Democratic this morning. This story is headlined “Romney’s Higher Ed Overhaul in Mass.Fizzled.”

Mitt Romney took over as Massachusetts governor in 2003 with a sweeping plan to overhaul the state’s public college system to cut waste, reduce costs and boost efficiency.

“This is my opportunity to be bold,” he […]

I am lost and I can’t even say why (but we can)

The latest round in the Twitter hashtag games has begun — seemingly by those ever-so-unclever Dems, too (when will they learn our side’s more than tech-savvy???): #ImADemocratBecause.

With my initial selection (and some other faves) below, let the Threedonia suggestions begin.

#ImADemocratBecause … I don’t give a rat’s ass about the 8th or 10th […]

Wisconsin Libs are Creepy

Ann Althouse reports a truly disgusting effort by the Scott Walker Recall camp to intimidate voters.

Desperate and despicable pretty much describes the effort to both recall Walker and to re-elect Obama. Someone needs to go to jail for this, but of course no one will.

Freedom. It’s, uh, Liberating!

Via Ed Morrissey at Hot Air… it’s amazing what people will do when they’re not forced to pay union dues. The Wall Street Journal from Wednesday reports…

Public-employee unions in Wisconsin have experienced a dramatic drop in membership—by more than half for the second-biggest union—since a law championed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker sharply […]