Almost-October Surprise

Suppose I (and Royals and A’s fans) should be tweaked Fox Sports decided to include the Seattle Mariners as post-season-bound, ignoring the Indians (who are only a game back of Seattle for the still-think-it’s-silly second wild card spot), but too pleasantly distracted by new AC/DC to care. Yes, I realize using “new” in front of […]

“If I think about crashing, how am I gonna do my job?”

Best seat in the house. The best. For those with MLB Network, cannot recommend “The Third Team” enough.

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On to the ALCS

… where I’ll actually be cheering for the Rangers, but ultimately looking forward to some more damn fine baseball … all minus the Yankees.

Little somethin’-somethin’ for the Rangers (non-White Sox) faithful below the fold, too. I’m a giver.


R.I.P. -- Sparky Anderson

His “Big Red Machine” set the standard for all young Ohioan (and PA expatriates) little leaguers — Pete Rose’s unorthodox headfirst slide excepted — and being lucky enough to be at the Tigers Series-clinching game 5 in 1984, George Lee “Sparky” Anderson’s always had a special place in my (and many) baseball loving heart. […]

Life Imitates Art

Meet Max St. Pierre — 14 years in the minor leagues and recently called up by the Detroit Tigers.

Catcher Maxime St. Pierre was chasing a feat of his own. After making his debut for the Tigers’ Gulf Coast League team in 1997, he racked up 978 games of professional baseball played without […]