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Taking Out Florida’s Trash

A prisoner who escaped from FL Law Enforcement Officers in Grapevine, TX while being transported to Las Vegas was shot and killed by DFW area police officers.


GRAPEVINE — After an intensive four-day manhunt, fugitive Alberto Morales was shot and killed by three officers near Grapevine Lake late Friday night, according to […]

Welcome Home!

Posted the link and some pictures last week, here’s the video.

As someone who has made that walk three times now, I can tell you even if the former President isn’t there it means a great deal and is very touching to see all these people who show up.


Toby Keith, The Boston Pops and the 4th of July

Video via Big Hollywood

It’s difficult for me to listen to this song, because it was used in the memorial service for several soldiers I have had the pleasure of knowing. Given that, even if you’ve heard this song many times you need to watch this clip from the CBS coverage of the 4th […]