Walter Hill, an appreciation

While I’ll fully admit a healthy diet of VH-1 Classic’s “Metal Mania” videos this morning put me in a perfect 80s mood, a time when rock & roll and action movies didn’t take themselves so seriously, Bullet to the Head maintained that mood with a perfect combo of unapologetically senseless violence and usually corny one-liners […]


If two is good… three must be better. Right? RIGHT???? Dear God help us.

Is the world ready for a sequel to Twins?

Universal and Montecito Picture Co. are hoping to develop a doozy of a follow-up to the 1988 hit comedy that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito that would reunite the two […]

“F” that

I’ve got nothing for or against Brett Ratner, but after his innocuous use of “fag,” still feel bad for anyone who will undoubtedly have to embark on the “apology tour of shame.” God help him if Perez Hilton still wears the ring to kiss.

Pssst, it’s a word. It only has the power you […]

“Bye, George, they stole your year”

AUTHOR’S NOTE/EXCUSE: For far too long, I have procrastinated with writing this column. “Not the right time,” “It’ll look like I’m piggybacking so-and-so’s idea” (Ha! And like it would have been the first or last time doing that), “Eh, I’ll do it later” — all of those cop-outs and then some. However, between last week’s […]

R.I.P. — Teddy Pendergrass

Admittedly, for years I only knew Teddy Pendergrass as part of an Eddie Murphy stand-up routine, but fortunately remedied that foolishness. Though South Park’s Chef had the obvious Isaac Hayes thing goin’ on, have to believe some o’ Teddy was in there, too. Also gotta give it up for a guy who put neon lights […]

To push away

I’m a little late, but still a helper when I can, even to ACORN.

Raheem Abdul Mohammed: “It’s the story about two pimps and wasn’t no brothers in it? I don’t know whether to say ‘Thank you’ or punch you in your mouth, man.”