“With a pair of shoes like that?”

Talk without speaking …

Thanks to the wonderful 21st century invention known as pausing and fast-forwarding through live TV, the Super Bowl blackout became a moot point. Instead, Chez Porvaznik wrapped up watching the recently purchased Led Zeppelin Celebration Day blu-ray which had been part of the pre-game festivities. As if we didn’t know we weren’t missing a […]

From the Trailer Park — Alcatraz

from JJ Abrams… on FOX this Fall…

Don't Ask, Don't Tell and Shut the Hell Up While You're At It

There’s some pretty disturbing video featured over at Big Journalism today. Applying the “what if Bush did this test” to the situation that developed over at Lafayette Park in D.C. yesterday, one can only conclude that if this kind of crap happened in 2008 rather than 2010 libs would be screaming “police state!” and […]

Best – Tirade – Ever

Had Paddy been hitting the sauce before he flipped out? Wouldn’t be surprised…