Irony, It's Ironic

I usually DVR a show on Fox News called Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. As most of you know it’s a show that comes on early in the morning or very late at night (depending on your point of view) where a group of 5 people “humorously” discuss the days events. I say “humorously” […]

“The melting pot has become an angry buffet …”

Gutfeld’s “Greg-alogues” over the years have produced some amazingly profound observations, sparking equally sparks-filled conversations in their wakes. Maybe it stems from the fact I live in a part of the country in which I inexplicably seem to see more and more street advertisements in Spanish than English, but few (if any) stand up to […]

“Please don’t call me a pervert …”

Eh, go ahead. Occasionally guilty as charged.