Zone Rouge

Fog by Marc Rebisz — a rendering of Zone Rouge

What do you do when your country, ravaged by 4 years of Hell on Earth war has an extraordinary area of land in which the unexploded ordnance and animal and human remains are too numerous to account for much less remove them and the […]


The New York Times had an interesting piece on the geographical reminders of World War 1 in France.

What’s now known as Bois Brûlé, or the burnt woods — scorched in four years of fighting — was forest primeval until September 1914, when the Germans came. The month before, just as the war was […]

Every Picture Tells A Story

Eugen Weidmann, the last person to be publicly executed in France, (June 1939) under arrest for murder.

Here’s an interesting article from a magazine called The Appendix on the relationship between photography and the guillotine in France. The last public execution was in June of 1939 and became controversial due to the fact that […]

Wednesday Open Thread

French heavy cavalry units march through Paris on the way to battle. August 1914

On this date in 1914 French cavalry units enter Belgian territory to begin countering Germany’s invasion.

I Don’t Think That Smell is Elderberries

France is about to receive some measure of payback for the dishonor its knights showed to Arthur,  King of the Britons.

Colin Furze, a plumber and inventor from Stamford, Lincolnshire, has begun building the biggest fart machine ever, which he plans to place on top of the cliffs of Dover and aim across […]

A Doodle Doo


 South African performance artist who tied a live rooster to his penis during an impromptu open-air show near the Eiffel Tower was found guilty on Monday of “sexual exhibitionism”, but the Paris court did not impose a sentence, prosecutors said.

Last September Steven Cohen danced on the tourist-filled Trocadero Plaza dressed in a corset, […]

You DO Have to Live Like a Refugee

Who’dathunkit? A man loaded with secret information, the type of which he can no longer get and whose main skills are taking oaths with the express intent of violating them and stealing secrets, is finding that no one wants to take him in. More like Snowed in. NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s attempts to seek refuge […]

Algerian Raid

Algerian forces conducted a raid on a natural gas plant in the Sahara where hostages were being held by Islamists. Thirty hostages and at least 11 Islamist militants were killed on Thursday when Algerian forces stormed a desert gas plant in a bid to free many dozens of Western and local captives, an Algerian security […]

“French” Youths Riot in Amiens

Can you guess the missing word in this Reuters piece ?

Youths fired buckshot at police in clashes in the French city of Amiens overnight on Tuesday, torching cars and a nursery school in a resurgence of urban unrest that President Francois Hollande said he would do everything to confront.

Hollande dispatched his Interior […]

Black Jacques Chirac

Jacques Chirac corrupt? Who would have ever guessed that? From the London Daily Telegraph.

The 77-year-old, whose presidency of France ran from 1995 until 2007, could face a ten-year prison sentence and 150,000-euro (£130,000) fine if found guilty. He will be the first modern French leader to face a corruption trial.

Mr Chirac faces charges […]