It’s Coming…

One Week!

Archer returns on FX 19 JAN!


24 days

It begins again

Raylan actually back to using his firearm? Must be an odd-numbered season thing … and I like it.

Birthday Tip for Outlaw

Keep these things in mind as you transition to the civilian workforce Outlaw…

Radio Free Threedonia — 2-5-11 w/Nick Searcy

Nick Searcy, AKA Justfied ‘s Chief Deputy Art Mullen (and many other characters in his storied career), joins the RF3D gang on a special Super Bowl weekend Saturday show. In addition to getting the low-down on the show’s upcoming Season 2, kicking off Wednesday night on FX, Nick revealed the delicate art of […]

Radio Free Threedonia — Special guest, special day (bumped)

It’s our first AM show (or live AM show as it is), so if you have any questions for Nick and you won’t be able to call in or go via the Right Talk Radio chat-room, please don’t forget to let us know in the comments here. In the immortal words of Frank Bartles and […]