The Americans, first 5 episodes…a Threedonia review

A few short weeks ago I posted a link to an article about a new show on FX called The Americans.

The Americans is (in case you don’t know) centered around two spies from the Soviet Union living in the United States as a family in the 1980’s.

In the article quoted in National […]

Total Sploosh!

FX’s show Archer has been renewed for it’s 4th season.

This video is from the first season, but it’s still great…and NSFW.

I AM Afraid of Americans

I have seen ads for this show that is about to premiere on FX called “The Americans“.

It’s obvious from the commercials that at least part of the show is about spies from the Soviet Union that are living and working in the USA during the 80’s.

Jonah Goldberg over at National Review On-Line spotted […]

Elsewhere in Kentucky …

… lots of Justified on the brain: Season 2 out today on DVD and blu-ray, Elmore Leonard discussing his upcoming new book “Raylan” in a minute-long trailer with series creator/executive producer (and writer of two Band of Brothers episodes) Graham Yost, and series star Nick Searcy will get us prepped for Season 3’s January 17th […]

Fans of Archer Rejoice!

A special 3 episode preview to Season 3 starts tonight at 10:30 EDT on FX!

Justify yer Love

Tonight at 0200 GMT on FX!

Justify Yer Love

Tonight at 0200 GMT on FX

I Can’t Wait!

Archer, Season 2 starts next month.

You're welcome, ladies ... and real men

Four more months before I get my bad-ass man-crush on again. He’s big enough for the both of us, Wanks, and if’n it’s alright with you, we can alternate weekends.