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I was all out of bubblegum

With a huge amount of appreciation to’s Carl Kozlowski, the podcast from my third appearance on his “The Koz Effect” online radio show, wherein I finally let loose on fellow panelist liberals statists, courtesy a whole bunch of pesky facts, slamming the bakers union’s deep-pocketed “leadership,” and debunking their media-fed idea of what […]


More less-than-shocking Orwellian behavior from the bastion of lunacy over at Must be nice to live in a world of magic pixie dust, where consequences for one’s action can (attempt to) be erased with a few keystrokes on the ol’ laptop. has scrubbed its website of criticism of General David Petraeus. […]

Mssrs. Maher and Lee, sure this is what you want?

So the President’s a domestic disaster and his foreign policy’s not too much better either. Sending Gen. Petraeus to Afghanistan, though? I’ll definitely give credit where it’s due, especially when it’s what the previous man in the Oval Office probably would have done.

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