Operation Deadmau5

How do you rid an island of an out of control predator? Parachute toxic dead mice in. From NPR:

Here’s the latest plan scientists have come up with to kill some of the estimated 2 million brown tree snakes that have wiped out many other animals on Guam:

In April or May they’re going […]


Alfred Hitchcock’s version of our future animal overlords will soon give way to director John Cardo’s vision of our future animal overlords if this National Geographic piece is to be believed.

As bird populations plummet worldwide, will Earth become the Planet of the Spiders? Researchers on Guam, a 30-mile-long U.S. island about 3,800 […]

Target Acquisition - Which GOP Senator Will Be In Axelrod's Sights?

Quoting the immortal John Blutarsky: “Nothing’s over till we say it is.” I hope that the GOP remembers that over the next seven months, or until Guam finally tips over into the sea, whichever comes first.

We’ve lost on health care, for now anyway. We cannot lose on immigration. We cannot lose on cap […]