Guns Don't Kill People -- Russians Do

Kudos to NPR for “going there” on a story that must have given some of those folks heartburn. From NPR:

The U.S. and Russia have been taking lots of jabs at each other.

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized President Obama’s plan for a military strike in Syria, and the Russian leader then denounced American “exceptionalism” […]

Common Sense Post Newtown

Yesterday’s online Wall Street Journal had this interesting piece up yesterday about a surge in gun permits in Newtown, Connecticut.

The number of people seeking permits to buy guns has surged in this town following the December massacre of schoolchildren by a local man, even as the parents of some victims had urged stricter […]

Help a Brotherhood Out

Gun Free Zones For Everyone!

Now this is something we can all get behind. If gun control for me, then gun control for thee.

This Might Be Helpful

As with all Penn and Teller presentations this is NSFW…but it is quite educational.

Selective Memory

h/t: Twitchy and Hugh Briss @FoolsihReporter

And hat tip E… as I say in the comments — a picture this awesome deserves its own thread.

Gun Control — Emphasis on Control

Instapundit linked to a great piece by Michael Walsh in The New York Post on the origins of New York’s gun control laws:

Recent months have seen a former Marine from Indiana, a Tea Party activist from California and a nurse from Tennessee all arrested and charged in New York City for possession of […]

Well D’uh.

Turns out that over the past few years — as gun sales have increased — gun crime has also decreased.

Despite increases in gun sales, gun crimes continued to decrease in the United States for the fourth straight year in 2010, according to the FBI.

The FBI recently released its Crime in The United […]

Gun Control

I’m sure he uses this line, though I haven’t seen him speak in years and haven’t kept up with all of his appearances in this presidential nomination process… but love him or hate him… this is awesome.

Norway? No Way

According to this AP story — the gunman in yesterday’s shooting in Norway shot for 90 minutes and the SWAT team didn’t arrive on the island until 40 minutes after the call went out. 40 minutes is probably a little slow but not outrageously slow considering they have to be mobilized, suited up, debriefed, […]