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Super Fly (Over)

This video is a few years old, but NFL Films did this on pregame flyovers and it’s pretty awesome. I love the reaction shots of the players and coaches… nothing impresses like raw power and speed. When the planes are yours it’s like being an awestruck kid. There’s even some helicopter love for Outlaw.


A Legacy of Heroes, Part 3 1975-1991

Part 3 in a series. Part 2 is available HERE

MH-6 Little Bird

At the end of the Vietnam War the US Military went through some serious soul searching about how it fights its wars and what it was going to need to win wars in the future. US Army aviation applied the lessons […]

A Legacy Of Heroes, Vietnam

AH-1G Cobra Attack Helicopter

This is part 2 of a post that began HERE.

During the Vietnam War around 12,000 helicopters served in theater of various types, most of those belonged to the United States Army. Of those 12,000 helicopters 7,013 were UH-1s (Hueys). During the war 5,086 helicopters were destroyed. 2,709 Americans perished […]

A Legacy of Heroes

Recently a reader of this site asked me if I could attempt to educate the masses about the history of rotary-wing aviation and the US Military. Being a somewhat obscure topic I apologize in advance if some of you find this boring and pedantic…but it is a topic near and dear to my heart […]

Loud music!!!

Only Outlaw13 can deny or confirm, but in his spare time I think he’s flying ‘copters in music videos. Yup, another one from Metallica, this one featuring an Iraq War storyline (as best as the outskirts of LA can sub for Iraq). Fortunately, despite peaceniks in his band, James Hetfield’s pro-gun, pro-military and pretty […]