The Wreck of the New 97

A California judge has told Central Valley farmers trying to delay work on the new and useless high-speed rail to go pound sand.

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley denied a preliminary injunction motion filed by farmers who said they would be adversely affected by construction of the ambitious rail project.

“The judge’s decision […]

Como Se Dice “Whoopsie” in Mandarin

China (Yes I know a comapny did it but please) has recalled 54 bullet trains for manufacturing defects in the wake of a deadly — and embarrassing — crash last week.

If they assemble their trains using those gawd-awful picture-only diagrams I’m not surprised.  Chinese high speed trains … Buy Gulag.

This Time They Want To

The Chinese built a lot of the railroads here in California — and not in good conditions. Ironically, they want to get involved in California’s new railroads. From The Sacramento Bee:

The People’s Republic of China has more miles of track for high-speed trains than any country in the world, but California has none.