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That Ain’t No Brutha! That’s a White Boy!!

Cue Ernie Hudson… As my Granny would’ve said, “Don’t that beat all.” Dave Wilson is white. But to win a seat on the Houston Community College Board of Trustees in a district predominantly comprised of African-American voters, Wilson, a conservative Republican, led voters to believe he was black.

According to CBS affiliate KHOU-TV, Wilson’s direct […]

What Are You Prepared to Do?

A Houston woman shot a man who attacked her at a gas station last Sunday. There’s already a lot of talk about “Stand Your Ground”. I, along with Andrew Branca at Legal Insurrection, think it’s Self Defense.

While again urging caution given the nature of the “facts” we’re dealing with, it would seem to […]

Evil Assault Rifle Defends Home

Oops, make that a 15 year old boy defends his sister using his Dad’s AR-15 “assault rifle” in the suburbs of Houston.

Yeah, you don’t need that rifle.

H/T This Ain’t Hell

Yes Virginia, There is a George Costanza

And she lives in Houston.

A Houston woman who was caught in the middle of a bank robbery said she was so scared, she ran and jumped into the nearest car she could find and took off.

But it just so happened, the car belonged to the suspects.

Blanca, a mother of four, […]