Through the past, loudly

I’d have Accept’s “Stalingrad” and practically anything from Queensryche’s American Soldier album somewhere on a list of “heavy metal history lessons,” but the songs Loudwire compiles still damn impressive, notably the below Gettysburg-centric tune from Iced Earth.

Matter of life and death

Kill for gain, Brucey? Nahhhhhh …

“Next time Maiden fans are treated to the in-concert spectacle of the band’s singer, decked out in his trademark red guardsman uniform, singing of the horrors of Paschendale,” the writer declares, “they might wish to ponder his revolting hypocrisy. Similarly, it will require a robust constitution to avoid […]

The Number of the Yeast

Special for Eric Porvaznik… or anyone… from Robinson’s Brewery in the UK — Trooper Beer — created by Iron Maiden; brewed by Robinson’s as they say.

TROOPER takes its name from the Iron Maiden song which is inspired by the famous Charge of the Light Brigade. Being a real ale enthusiast, vocalist Bruce Dickinson […]

R.I.P. - Clive Burr

It’s been awhile since Clive Burr pounded the skins for Iron Maiden, leaving just as they were becoming the global force they’ve remained since the early 80s, but he’s no less missed, passing away yesterday. Godspeed, Clive, and condolences to his family and friends. Only recently learned he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, too. Hating […]

Friday Night Mashup

Never been a Ryan Adams fan, but giving credit where it’s due with his cool take on a Maiden classic. Whisper for me, Long Beach!!!

Veterans Day, Music Appreciation

Upon further reflection, just wouldn’t seem right to move the usual Thursday “Hall of Fame, Corrected” slot to today, not 11/11. In its place, one track from a band residing in the Hall and a couple below the fold from one which should be there eventually (will likely be awhile, but deserving nonetheless; as such, […]

This afternoon’s broadcast is brought to you by …

What do you get when you throw funk master Nile Rodgers in with one of the best blue-eyed-soul rock singers and groove-tastic bands? The song which hooked these ears and made me a life-long fan. One of Kirk Pengilly’s finest sax solos to boot.


Not lookin’ for a fight…

…but you know we won’t run away.

Never Out of Season…

Fortunately, my favorite metal and hard rock bands of the 80s never reached their “Spinal Tap” moments … at least not yet. Of course, I’m willing to give Judas Priest their next album to redeem themselves, but one more embarrassing double album like last year’s Nostradamus and that previous statement’s […]