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Operation Red Falcon

An Israeli soldier surveilling the Golan Heights, February 1996. Photo: David Rubinger/Getty Images

Want to read an account of how Israel and Syria almost came to blows in the mid 1990s? Of course you do… From The Atavist Magazine by Ronen Bergman

Early on the morning of September 1, 1996, the Israeli military began […]

They Thought It Said Court OF Criminals

The Palestinian Authority has joined the International Criminal Court. From the New York Times:

The step is part of a strategic shift by the Palestinian leadership to pursue statehood in the international arena after decades of failed American-brokered negotiations with Israel. It came a day after the defeat of a United Nations Security Council resolution that […]

The Usual Suspects

Israeli forces arrest Palestinian parliamentary speaker and other Hamas personnel during search for three kidnapped teens. From The Guardian:

Israeli troops have arrested the speaker of the Palestinian parliament and Hamas member Aziz Dweik during a wave of detentions linked to a massive manhunt for three kidnapped teenagers.

An Israeli army statement on Monday said […]

They're baaaaaaaack!!!!

Guess their last album Mojo was just the tip of the bluesy iceberg. Mmm-mmm-mmm!!!

Bonus flashback documentary below the fold, back to a time when playing Israel wouldn’t get you in trouble with idiots like Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters.

All (Violent) Options

President Obama’s “smart diplomacy ” in the Middle East is paying dividends once again. From the AFP:

The Palestinians are considering “all options” in response to Israel’s decision to halt peace talks and punish the Palestinian Authority over its unity deal with Hamas, an official said Thursday. “The Palestinian leadership will look into all […]

The End of the End of History

That is the title of this very interesting piece from Walter Russell Meade at his blog Via Meadia at The American Interest on the new foreign policy challenges picking up steam in the latter half of 2013:

Sometime in 2013, we reached a new stage in world history. A coalition of great powers has long […]

Crazy But Rational

North Korea and Iran, according to the Washington Free Beacon, are secretly agreeing to pursue their peaceful nuclear programs.

Iranian missile technicians secretly visited North Korea as part of joint development of a new rocket booster for long-range missiles or space launchers at the same time nuclear talks took place in Geneva, according to U.S. […]

Israeli Gears (Up for Hezbollah)

Israel plays hardball with a little chin music for Syria.

Israel said it would not allow advanced weapons to fall into the hands of Hezbollah, after a raid on Syria that opposition sources said had hit an air force garrison believed to be holding Russian-made missiles destined for the militant group.

Israel has a […]

Don’t Just Stand There — Take A Stand

Instapundit linked to this interesting post from the blog The DiploMad 2.0 on what Obama could learn (quit laughing) from Edouard Daladier, France’s Prime Minister during the run up to World War II and sometimes unfairly thought of in the same light as Chamberlain, vis a vis our debacle in the Middle East.

The […]

I’ll Have Some Gaza Strips and a Large Pepsi

Hey man, a Muslim Brother’s got to have some chicken!

For six years, Rafat Shororo longed for the taste of a KFC sandwich he had eaten in Egypt. This week, he got his finger lickin’ fix at home in the Gaza Strip after a local delivery company managed to smuggle it from Egypt through […]