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Songs from a VP’s iPod

Ball rolling with a few, so what else has Threedonia got?

No Se Puede

Conan O’Brien had a great bit on new Obama campaign slogans this past week. I ran across it at The Blaze — amid all of the posts telling me about Beck crying, restoring love, and selling more tix than Paul McCartney at Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Don’t Know Much About History…

Audacious! You mean like the raid on Son Tay, or Doolittle’s raid in ’42 or maybe Washington crossing the Delaware that kind of audaciousness?

Joe, Joe you poor bastard.

From The Huff Puff

Vice President Joseph Biden on Monday night upped the ante around the already quite-dramatic assassination of Osama bin Laden.

From the […]


I honestly haven’t watched Monday Night Football on a regular basis in years — don’t even get me started on how God-awful I find the forced (lack-of) chemistry between the current lineup in the booth — so my feelings on Hank Williams Jr.’s MNF theme song getting pulled from tonight’s (and who knows for […]

Oh! I Thought You Mean That Was One Wild Policy!

The other day while giving a speech in China Vice President Joe Biden stepped in it big time when he mealy-mouthed opposition to China’s One Child Policy — the irregularly and unfairly enforced policy limiting many Chinese parents to literally one child and using forced abortions, etc. to enforce it. From ABC News (emphasis […]


“Sir, you can remove the disguise now.”

So we now have confirmation that we have fully transitioned from Dick Cheney — the second most dangerous Vice President in American history — back to pre-1990s model Veeps. Poor Joe Biden… not even our greatest enemies respected him. From the UK Telegraph‘s Toby Harnden:

US officials […]

Taliban Come an I Wanna Go Home!

President Barack Obama said today he sees some role for the Taliban in the future governance of Afghanistan. Show’s over folks! Everyone have a safe ride home!

Mr Obama appears to have been swayed in recent days by arguments from some advisers – led by Vice-President Joe Biden – that the Taliban do […]

In Which My Genius Is Acknowledged…

Ladies and Gentlemen, and Floyd, I am now the web’s number-one most trusted source when it comes to Biden gaffes, with two (count ’em, one–two!) cites on the invaluable blog, Joe Biden Said That?

This calls for the full Alfalfa.


A member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s political party (German Christian Union) has created a stir with the above election poster featuring Merkel on the left. The slogan reads: “We have more to offer.” The woman on the right is Vera Lengsfeld, the parliamentary candidate who used the photo without clearance.

Lengsfeld, a […]

Is This Guy Drunk? No. Really.

I like Joe Biden. Any stand up comedian worth his salt… wouldn’t even have to hire writers with this guy around… Here’s Joe on Russia — you know the country Obama visited a couple fo weeks ago so we could have a “reset” of our relationship after that Cowboy Neanderthal (aka Homo Selectus by […]