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Crying Uncle

For those secure in how they arrived at their opinion of Jerry Sandusky, Penn State administrators Spanier, Curley and Schultz, and/or long-time coach/philanthropist Joe Paterno, be it via ESPN’s false narrative, the NCAA’s draconian and overreaching sanctions and the Penn State Board of Trustees complying with the sanctions, and/or the misinformation and lies from the […]

Can't handle the truth

Say what you will about John Ziegler and Franco Harris’ “Upon Further Review” team, and how they continue to supply the world with facts upon facts in their dogged pursuit of the truth in the Jerry Sandusky scandal, factual truths which reveals cracks and absolute falsehoods in the ESPN-driven narrative. You may want to […]

The continuing saga of Framing Paterno

For anyone interested (and that’s probably just Scott M.) in the latest developments in Framing Paterno’s ongoing quest to uncover the truth and nothing but the truth surrounding the Jerry Sandusky scandal, Franco Harris and John Ziegler will appear on Rick Amato’s show on One America News (link here). Airs at 9 PM EST (6 […]

Don't believe the (lack of) hype

Franco Harris’ “Tiennamen Square” showdown, blocking the Penn State Board of Trustees dog-and-pony-show transportation van so they’ll be forced to face the music from Franco and other alums at last week’s “March 4 Truth” rally.

Words simply aren’t enough to describe the lengths to which filmmaker John Ziegler has gone (and continues to go) […]

Triple played

Latest from John Ziegler’s blogging at, in which he cites the Manti Te’o, Lance Armstrong, and Steubenville football team stories to yet again filets a media far too in love with spinning its own narratives, facts and logic be damned. Naturally, John also ties it nicely to his continuing examination of how it relates […]

RIP — Carroll H. “Beano” Cook

It’s not often I have pleasant things to say about ESPN employees or Pitt grads (Tony Dorsett excepted), but have nothing but the kindest of words re. “Beano” Cook. RIP, encyclopedia and staunch supporter of Northeast college football, even setting aside the typical inter-state rivalry when it came to Penn State. Thanks for the […]

“Please, call me Joe.”

Now this, this is comedy. John Ziegler, thanks yet one more time!!!

Believing lies, damned lies, or statistics

While Penn State students, alumni and faculty have our collective eyes on the future, a future filled with more of the philanthropic work for which our school has donated millions upon millions of dollars to pediatric cancer research, the Special Olympics, RAINN and other worthy causes over the many, many years, some of us […]

Too Soon?

Jeffrey Ross showed up at last night’s Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne Barr in the above get up. He proceeded with this material as reported by Entertainment Weekly:

The Hollywood venue was abuzz with Ross’ red carpet appearance. In a reference to one of the country’s biggest scandals of 2011,Ross had come dressed as […]

Freeh and not-so-clear

Sometimes, if you wait long enough and continue to pour over a Freeh Report so full of speculation and, amazingly for a 250+ page report, simultaneously devoid of interviews with key figures, you get someone like John Ziegler to come in and say danged near exactly what you’ve been thinking and telling people for […]