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Partner with Crime

Friend of Threedonia Nick Searcy’s involved with a new project, New Partner, “a new web series about a young hotshot cop … who keeps getting his partners killed.” It’s being funded through those fancy-schmancy internet sites where fans can also contribute, so if you feel like getting or staying on the man behind Art […]

So it is writted, so it shall be done

The season finale of “Acting School with Nick Searcy,” featuring Graham Yost. Be sure to also check out Nick’s appearance in the Season 2 premiere of Chloe and Zoe.

“With a pair of shoes like that?”

“AV Club, whatever that is.”

Nick … Searcy

Blastin’ through

If you’re a Justified and/or Dave Alvin fan, enjoy the below and the upcoming soundtrack compilation for the show and solo Alvin album. If you’re neither, well, what’s wrong with you?

Low weight, high reps

It’s Coming…


For those non-Facebookers (Facebooking?), some down time with international film & television star (and Peabody Award winner) Nick Searcy.

Raylan and “friend.” That is all (for now).

Two-ish months to Season 3 DVDs or Blu-Ray, three-ish to Season 4. The countdown’s on …