“A little more volume in the headphones, please …”

Might as well start with my fave song of 2012, then get to the other goodies … and some of Threedonia’s faves in the comments.


Freedom rock … turn it up, man

Hard to believe I once thought Kid Rock would devolve into a David Lee Roth-esque parody of himself, complete with a “Look at all the people!!!” at every show. One mea culpa I don’t mind at all.

“I’m just so fed up with political correctness,” said Rock, who is “proudly” supporting Republican candidate Mitt Romney. […]

It most certainly will get loud

Hot damn! The new Slash album isn’t exactly an official Guns ‘n Roses reunion, but he does trade licks with Izzy Stradlin for the first time in too long on a track (long, happy sigh…), plus an all-star list of guest vocalists/musicians and his Guns and Velvet Revolver bass-buddy Duff here and there, too, which […]