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How does one shake the incredibly bad taste of even 40 minutes of the God-awful Anchorman 2 from one’s head? With this Kurt Russell/John Carpenter classic, natch. More titles below the fold.

Just-As-Classic Pick o’ the Day — 11/25/12

Breakdown (1997) A man’s wife disappears in the desert Southwest after accepting a trucker’s help with car trouble. Director: Jonathan Mostow. Cast: Kurt Russell, Kathleen Quinlan, J.T. Walsh, M.C. Gainey. TV-R | 5:00 AM PST | IFC | 93 minutes

Don’t even know where to begin with how taut the suspense gets in this [...]

Classic Pick O’ the Day — August 3

Big Trouble in Little China (1986) Truck-driving, tough-guy Jack Burton battles the Godfather of Chinatown when a friend’s fiance is kidnapped right in front of his eyes. Cast: Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Dun, James Hong, Kate Burton; Director: John Carpenter. TV-14, 9:00 PM PDT. Fox Movie Channel.

Kurt Russell should’ve been a bigger [...]

Saddle Up!

Midnight screening tonight at the Pasadena Regency 6. Who’s with me?

Escape From Tatooine (Classic Threedonia)

originally posted 09/01/08