Radio, radio — Boston-style by way of LA

For any one interested and near a computer later tonight, I’m honored to be Jack Marino’s 100th guest. God knows what we’ll be discussing beyond last night’s FrackNation screening since I otherwise really only have our humble and cozy Threedonia under my belt to promote at the moment, but it’s Jack. He’s always entertaining.

Friday, […]

Just-As-Classic Pick o’ the Day — Sunday, May 20

Good God, who am I kidding? The Comebacks (11 PM EST on Fox Movie Channel), though it shows very limited truly chuckle-worthy moments, only merits mention because it features RF3D friend Nick Searcy as a cross-dressing Cher and Christina Aguilera.

Bit of a Searcy weekend, too — call it kismet in an optional man-thing […]