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U.S. Troops in Niger

Obama has authorized the deployment of 100 U.S. troops for intelligence purposes to Niger aiding the French in operations in Mali:

The US military has deployed about 100 troops in Niger to help coordinate intelligence sharing with the French, whose forces are currently fighting to seize Islamist-controlled territory in Mali, President Obama announced Friday.

The […]

Algerian Raid

Algerian forces conducted a raid on a natural gas plant in the Sahara where hostages were being held by Islamists. Thirty hostages and at least 11 Islamist militants were killed on Thursday when Algerian forces stormed a desert gas plant in a bid to free many dozens of Western and local captives, an Algerian security […]

Stay Tuned For Your Next African Adventure

Ivory Coast leader foresees Mali intervention within weeks to chase out Islamist extremists.

Just in time for POTUS to show off that smart diplomacy of his for the electorate.