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And So It Begins?

The race topick up the pieces begins it seems.

Sen. Marco Rubio said the way to turn around the nation’s struggling economy is not to raise taxes on the wealthiest individuals, but rather to make “poor people richer” as he visited this politically important state in a trip certain to stoke speculation about Rubio’s […]

Among the Stupider Ideas of a Stupid Administration

“Ay carumba Raul, did you swallow a lemon???”

Barry O’s decision to ease travel restrictions to Cuba is just plain dumb – mind numbingly dumb – but we’ve become so used to the idiocy of this administration when it comes to foreign affairs that few outside of the Cuban-American community are going to […]

Crist Cross Won't Make Him Jump Jump!

Charlie Crist, Florida Governor and independent candidate running against Marco Rubio (R) and Kendrick Meek (D) for Senator, has officially jumped from RINO to creepy stalker. You may have heard that Crist asked Meek to step out of the campaign so “they” could defeat Rubio. He did ask — and if even half of this […]