Thursday Open Thread

The Band sittin’ around the table in The Last Waltz — Thanksgiving Day 1976

From the Trailer Park — The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese film out in November

“He’s a regular Martin Score-seez!”

Polarizing director Martin Scorsese celebrated his 70th birthday over the weekend, and while I consider him my favorite director (and GoodFellas is my favorite movie), yes, I said polarizing. Can fully admit absolute stinkers like Bringing out the Dead and shoulda-been-betters like Gangs of New York exist in the man’s catalog along with the masterpieces […]

R.I.P. – Henry Hill

aka Hen(d)ry got the ultimate pinch. All his life he wanted to be a gangster and for better and worse he got his wish. How he managed to stay alive all these years while being in the public eye baffles me, but some lives apparently more charmed than others. Also nice to see he tried […]

The Wonderful World of Travis Bickle

by Bryan Boyce

Just-As-Classic Pick o’ the Day – 1/8/11

GANGS OF NEW YORK (2002) A man (Leonardo DiCaprio) vows vengeance on the gangster (Daniel Day-Lewis) who killed his father. 168 min. | Director: Martin Scorsese | TV-MA-LSV | Independent Film Channel 8 PM EST

Admittedly the weakest of the Scorsese/DiCaprio films falls shy of “classic” status, but worth the 2.5+ hours for Day […]

What, is he a frikkin’ clown?

Though the news was inevitable, still a sure sign Scorsese’s head is way too far where the sign doesn’t shine.