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We’re Doomed

Kit mentioned this the other day, I mentioned it the next day and only a couple of people cared enough to comment so I will bombard you with it till more of you acknowledge its existence and the insipid nature of the idiots hyperventilating about it.

Apparently the BBC, CNN or Pravda (either, or it’s […]

Live from the LA Premiere of Media Malpractice

Burning the candle at both ends the last couple nights producing and editing the following segments has me feeling like the proverbial victim on the other end of a Mack truck. I know, boo-hoo, wah-wah. The write-up will come in the next few hours, though, all contingent on when my headspace returns to normal.

Till […]

The Mr.EPluribus interview with John Ziegler

Big LA premiere of Media Malpractice this coming Friday, March 13th. Writer-Director John Ziegler gives a quick run-down of the tour so far and explains how he already has enough material for a sequel …