Bringing Baggage

This is an interesting piece on research into military suicides.  Given the numbers involved I still reject the notion in some quarters that there was an epidemic of suicides among current and former military members.  That being said, each one is a tragedy and we owe it to our service members to help them and […]

An Immodest Proposal

Laura Cannon, a 2001 West Point graduate, is — with apologies to Pat Benatar — arguing for love on the battlefield.

General Order No. 1 prohibits sex (and alcohol consumption) on an Army deployment. Typical deployments last approximately one year, so if West Point graduates follow the academy‚Äôs rules, then they abstain for all […]


In the wake of the tragic murders (they’re murders — not terrorism I don’t care what the FBI says… Milwaukee PD should be handling this — but that’s another post) at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin last week, the press has been falling all over themselves to tell us that the killer is an […]

Former Soviet Junk

The above is a satellite image taken a few days ago of a aircraft carrier in the Yellow Sea — probably China’s first carrier. More here from the AP:

A commercial U.S. satellite company said it has captured a photo of China’s first aircraft carrier in the Yellow Sea off the Chinese coast.


C in C

Government shutdown looms. I for one welcome it mostly. Playing politics with military paychecks is a chickenshit thing to do though. And The Chickenshit in Chief is to blame if military pay is limited or cutoff.

The White House has vowed to veto the short-term spending bill House Republicans voted on this afternoon that […]

Radio Free Threedonia XXI: Carolyn Blashek

For better and worse, the term “rock star” gets thrown around a little loosely as an adjective these days, to the point even a “jack squat” President somehow receives what typically belongs on the Foo Fighters and their peers. Fortunately, however, one lady in Southern California realizes our men and women of the Armed […]

American Soldier

“No political agenda … no philosophizing … strictly soldiers’ stories.”

Huge “Hell, yeah!” to Geoff Tate, one of the greatest metal voices of all time to these ears, and the Queensryche guys for releasing this album. Once again, the metal guys get it while the majority of musicians and entertainers (and a so-called Commander-in-Chief) […]