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It’s baaaaaaaack!!!

Pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training = the greatest baseball days not known as the World Series. 2013, welcome.

In honor of the Tribe recycling last year’s plan of signing a long-past-expiration date veteran, Jason Giambi assuming the role of Johnny Damon, I re-offer something from 2012 I like a little better …


“If I think about crashing, how am I gonna do my job?”

Best seat in the house. The best. For those with MLB Network, cannot recommend “The Third Team” enough.

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Just in time for baseball season

After a little more than three years of marriage, you learn to just live with certain things, even upon discovering you live with a Major League infidel …

MLB Dot Calm

MLB anchors are pretty calm in an earthquake… and there’s some pertinent truths about Manhattan if they have a “Big One”.