Morning Joe Blow

I know most of us here aren’t Russell Brand fans. But this takedown of MSNBC’s Morning Joe show is humiliating. Anyone needing further proof of the vapidity of news anchors generally and MSNBC crews in particular need look no further.

Sorry for the autoplay. Posting on the run isn’t always the best. Below the fold […]

The Left Lays Some Cable

I’m not a huge fan of a lot of FOXNews, but I still find this to be disturbing, if true.

Brian Stelter of The New York Times reports that MSNBC is finally starting to catch up to Fox News in the rating game, mainly by becoming the left-wing answer to Fox’s conservative cheerleaders. Stelter […]

Because They Are Like Smart And Stuff…

MSNBC is to TV news channels as Margaret Cho is to comedy.

H/T The Jawa Report

Tables Turned

Chris Matthews’ jake leg is still tingling over Obama I guess… Newt Gingrich is having none of the race card thank you very much.

Maybe The Most Enjoyable Few Minutes of TV Ever

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I loathe Andrea Mitchell — or her work anyway. John Sununu has the most fun I have ever seen in a television news interview — just watch him… […]

Real Funny

Cuz killing Republicans is funny.

Martin Bashir… the biggest crime is being unfunny… being a douchebag is just par for his course.

h/t: JimmyC in the Open Thread

Nice Timing

MSNBC Commentator Chris Hayes is a tool. He’s says he’s uncomfortable referring to our war dead as heroes. I’m sure he’s not uncomfortable referring to his favorite politician’s stand on whatever issue of the day as heroic, or his favorite football teams’ (assuming he even has one) last second win as heroic. But he chokes […]


I know it’s not nice to make fun of the mentally challenged…

Ain’t that a kick in the head?

Well, isn’t this funny, non-haha variety, seeing the so-called “independent, mainstream press” complaining about lack of access and/or accountability from the White House. Sorry, ABCBSMSNBCNN. You’ve been too busy carrying the President’s water, you forgot to do your jobs as journalists and not holding the President accountable for the last 2+ years, so your […]

Even Juicier Than Olbermann’s Exit

Olbie let the door hit him where the good Lord split him last night. What tops that awesome event? Glenn Beck’s prediction of it 2 weeks ago…. bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!