Sometimes Kids Draw the Bitchin'-est Things

Courtesy Martha Quinn’s Facebook page, a collection of a parent’s five-year-old’s artistic impressions of 80s tunes.

VMA -- Redonculous

OK… I said below on John FN’s post that Miley was so far beneath contempt that she had entered the realm of pity for me. That being said… Buzzfeed has knocked ridicule of Miley Cyrus’ spectacle out of the park:

And this CLASSIC:


Those f***in VMA awards

I didn’t watch the MTV Video Music Awards tonight. I haven’t watched since my early 20s, even then noticing the quality of music at the time was on a downward spiral that could only be described by deep-sea divers or Red Bull sub-orbital base jumpers. I guess we can take solace in MTV showing videos […]

Truth’s a mutha

Not-so-smooth criminal

H/T – Martha Quinn’s Facebook page


F’n idiots at MTV trying to explain how the voting age got changed in 1971 to 18. This is wrong in sooooo many ways.

I particularly “enjoy” the Grim Reaper driving a tank/meat grinder that spits out flag draped coffins…f’n disrespectful idiots

H/T BlackFive

Got these stats from This Ain’t Hell

Let’s get some […]

Beavis and Butthead Redux

Get More: Beavis and Butt-Head, MTV Shows

MTV has released footage of Mike Judge’s resurrected Beavis and Butthead. Judge has a gift for social commentary and satire… I’m not sure if bringing this back is the best idea. Cornholio got old after 5 minutes 17 years ago and after an initital […]

Le Big Mac

Finally got around to watching the 2011 TV Land Awards and seeing the cast of Welcome Back Kotter honored got me thinking about back when I still cared enough to watch the MTV Video Awards. Since the Se7en spoof had some fans here, to the Pulp Fiction, starring the non-Italian Sweathogs.


Thor Clip

Movie Trailers – Movies Blog

Director Kenneth Branagh let MTV have a little clip from Thor. Thanks Kenny!

Seen your video?

If nothing else, at least MTV’s finally being honest. Fortunately, VH1 Classic mostly living up to the original mission statement and damned if I can’t get enough of That Metal Show.

The new logo is meant to put the focus on MTV’s current slate of talent — the stars of mostly reality shows like […]