Hansel and Regretal

Thomas Gilbert Jr. — alleged murderer of his father

This man is accused of murdering his father — for cutting his allowance.

A wealthy hedge-fund chief was gunned down by his adult son after he threatened to cut his allowance by a $100 a week and stop paying his steep rent, cops said Monday.


Justice of Miscarriage

This man, John Andrew Welden, just got almost 14 years in prison for tricking his now ex-girlfriend into taking a “morning after” type pill resulting in her miscarrying the baby they had conceived.

She once thought John Andrew Welden was the most compassionate man she had ever met. Now she calls him a thief. […]

Too Tighty Whitey

Look into the face of alleged atomic wedgie killer Brad Lee Davis. Haneing is too good for him.

A 33-year-old Oklahoma man has been charged with killing his stepfather by giving him an “atomic wedgie” that caused the victim to suffocate on his own underwear.

Brad Lee Davis was charged with murder in the […]

Strangers on a Train

It’s called “situational awareness” folks. We should all practice it.

An armed man waving a loaded .45-caliber pistol on a packed commuter train went unnoticed by passengers who were too busy looking at their phones and tablet computers.

Security footage allegedly shows Nikhom Thephakaysone, 30, waving a gun and pointing it across the aisle […]

You’re Getting Colder

Sacramento police find themselves confronted with the coldest of cold cases:

Police in Sacramento, Calif., are investigating the death of a 62-year-old man who died from a shooting—36 years after it happened.

Walter Johnson Jr., who was left paralyzed from the 1977 attack, died from complications related to his paralysis, leading police to rule […]

99.5 Days Per Life

The Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik who killed 77 people last year was deemed sane by a Norwegian and sentenced to 21 whole years for his act.

The sentence means that Mr. Breivik, 33 years old, is regarded to have been in a sane state of mind at the time he committed the brutal […]

Armed and Dangerous

Arkansas man charged in deadly beating with prosthetic arm, http://fxn.ws/LR0YUG – You can’t make this stuff up.

Slip Slidin’ Away…

JimmyC linked to The Blaze summary of this in the Open Thread. This deserves to be mocked openly with its own thread From the Australian Journal of Medical Ethics — “After-Birth Abortion: Why Should the Baby Live?: Here’s the abstract — full article at the link:


Abortion is largely accepted even for reasons […]

Tragedy All Around

This is a textbook case of “manslaughter” in criminal law — though more tragic than most. While I understand the response…

A New Hampshire man was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison Friday for beating his wife to death with a flashlight after he came home to find she had strangled […]

I See Your Gambling Mom and I Raise You This Piece of Filth

There are no words… well there are but this is only a Rated R blog.

Staring angrily, Adam Baker confronted his wife in a courtroom Thursday after she admitted to murdering his 10-year-old disabled daughter and scattering her remains in the western reaches of North Carolina.

“There are no words to explain the hate I […]