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Hippity-Hop to the Barbershop

I try to ignore the stupid things I’m sure he believes, but Jimmy Fallon’s musical numbers are awesome and Justin Timberlake would have fit in well with the great entertainers of old… talent and he’s game to lampoon himself and his works.

Tell it like it is

Comedian Thierrion Kagan, laying the smack-down on Bob Costas. Oh, how the once mighty, even those of the 5-foot-nothin’ variety, have fallen in my eyes. Be sure to check out the rest of Thierrion’s column.

After Costas recapped the events in Kansas City, he haughtily scolded those who need tragedies like this to keep […]

Here we go around again

With the President making his umpteenth trip to the Tonight Show since taking office, a flashback to his first. Would love the chance to interview all these folks again.

P.S. – Just as “Housequake” was born for Floyd, the Kinks’ ever-so-quotable “Do It Again” seems to be made for me. 😉



The WTF Clip of the Decade

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Yes it’s a young decade, but I’m ready to award that title to this interview of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State University assistant football coach, by NBC’s […]

Rap History — Vol. 3

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake continue the rap lesson

Who Didn’t See This Coming

Well, I feel badly for old high school friend Karen, whose daughter was in this show but other than that, I don’t think too many people are mourning the loss of this show.

NBC cancels controversial ‘Playboy Club’ by James Hibberd

UPDATED: NBC’s biggest primetime gamble just became the first cancelled show of the […]

From the Trailer Park — Awake (TV Series)

For the TV series Awake starring Jason Isaacs — this Fall from NBC. It looks very intriguing — though how it goes beyond one season is going to be a conundrum…. it could be a helluva season.

Ain’t that a kick in the head?

Well, isn’t this funny, non-haha variety, seeing the so-called “independent, mainstream press” complaining about lack of access and/or accountability from the White House. Sorry, ABCBSMSNBCNN. You’ve been too busy carrying the President’s water, you forgot to do your jobs as journalists and not holding the President accountable for the last 2+ years, so your […]

R.I.P. -- Edwin Newman

Though I barely remember his broadcasts, saw enough to know Mr. Newman was a great newscaster, back when that meant something. Quite vividly, though, I remember his sense of humor on full display on Saturday Night Live, back when that show was funny far more often than not. Wonder what he’d think of today’s so-called […]