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Indian Takers

Why convince your opponent of your side when you can use naked government power to crush your opponent. Tyranny of the minority — it’s still tyranny. From The Washington Post:

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, calling the football team’s name “disparaging to Native Americans.”

The [...]

Friday Open Thread

The Detroit Lions meet at Bart Starr, QB of the Green Bay Packers in the so-called “Thanksgiving Day Massacre”. Lions won 26-14 (though it wasn’t near that close) — Thanksgiving Day, 1962

R.I.P. Bum Phillips

Former Houston Oilers and New Orleans Saints head coach O.A. “Bum” Phillips has died at age 90. From CBS

Phillips took over as head coach for Gillman in 1975 in Houston, and three years later, he was leading the Oilers to their first of three-straight playoff appearances. He eventually was fired by [...]

Tom Landry

Outlaw sent me this link… a new comprehensive biography of the late and great Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry. It releases on November 4, but you can pre-order it here. I was going to ask for it for Christmas, but I don’t think I want to wait.

R.I.P. — Deacon Jones

Deacon Jones, Hall of Fame defensive lineman for the Los Angeles Rams has died at age 74.

Jones was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in the 14th round of the 1961 NFL Draft, and he spent most of his 14-year career with his original team, racking up eight Pro Bowl berths and [...]


I will take this one opportunity to applaud a Philadelphia Eagle. Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis posted this photo on Instagram. And when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell tweeted about it Mathis retweeted…

@nflcommish I’m offended by the actions of Philadelphia Eagle player Evan Mathis peeing on the IRS sign in front of the IRS [...]

Tell it like it is

Comedian Thierrion Kagan, laying the smack-down on Bob Costas. Oh, how the once mighty, even those of the 5-foot-nothin’ variety, have fallen in my eyes. Be sure to check out the rest of Thierrion’s column.

After Costas recapped the events in Kansas City, he haughtily scolded those who need tragedies like this to keep [...]

R.I.P. — Steve Van Buren

As a Dallas Cowboys fan in good standing I dislike all things Philadelphia Eagles… two major exceptions to that are Chuck Bednarik and Steve Van Buren. As a kid in the 1970s I devoured the NFL’s Junior Library books with titles like “Greatest Games”, “NFL’s Greatest Quarterback”, etc. I learned a lot of names [...]

Is Football Wrong?

Dick "Night Train" Lane makes one of the scores of tackles that helped put him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

New York Magazine asks the above question. My answer? “No”. Next question. But I am nothing if not educable:

One of the most quoted routines of the late George Carlin was his [...]

Monday Morning Quarterback — Tim Tebow Edition

I normally avoid all things ESPN (not college football or basketball — or Monday Night Football if the Cowboys are playing) like the Plague, but the website Grantland is one exception. Anyway… Bill Barnwell has a good breakdown of Tim Tebow’s outstanding performance against the Steelers yesterday — and a bit of crow eating [...]