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Mid-week Top Five -- Kinda like it in a ...

SPOILER ALERT: If you watch Justified and still haven’t seen last night’s episode, please do not read below the fold.

Partner with Crime

Friend of Threedonia Nick Searcy’s involved with a new project, New Partner, “a new web series about a young hotshot cop … who keeps getting his partners killed.” It’s being funded through those fancy-schmancy internet sites where fans can also contribute, so if you feel like getting or staying on the man behind Art [...]

The Little Documentary That Could

That’s one badass-mofo, and there’s also an Apache in that pic.

Kenn Christenson’s short documentary film entitled; First Attack, The History of the 1-227th Aviation Regiment (narrated by Nick Searcy) has been selected for showing at the Rome (GA) International FIlm Festival.

If you are in the area on SEP 6th feel free to [...]

So it is writted, so it shall be done

The season finale of “Acting School with Nick Searcy,” featuring Graham Yost. Be sure to also check out Nick’s appearance in the Season 2 premiere of Chloe and Zoe.

“AV Club, whatever that is.”

Blastin’ through

If you’re a Justified and/or Dave Alvin fan, enjoy the below and the upcoming soundtrack compilation for the show and solo Alvin album. If you’re neither, well, what’s wrong with you?

“Get your own show!”

With the Justified Season 4 debut only one day away, a very fitting cameo in the latest episode of “Acting School with Nick Searcy.”

Low weight, high reps


For those non-Facebookers (Facebooking?), some down time with international film & television star (and Peabody Award winner) Nick Searcy.

Raylan and “friend.” That is all (for now).

Two-ish months to Season 3 DVDs or Blu-Ray, three-ish to Season 4. The countdown’s on …