And So It Begins...

Taking a spill without health coverage could get costly. #GetCovered at

— Covered California (@CoveredCA) January 28, 2014

Maybe I’m being a bit quick on the trigger… but how soon before the mantra is “Don’t do this because you have health coverage.”

Sowell Man

Thomas Sowell breaks down the government shutdown into easily digestible chunks.

Even when it comes to something as basic, and apparently as simple and straightforward, as the question of who shut down the federal government, there are diametrically opposite answers, depending on whether you talk to Democrats or to Republicans.

There is really nothing […]

Parade of Horribles

The AP has the list of services that would be affected by a shutdown of the federal government.

A government shutdown would have far-reaching consequences for some, but minimal impact on others.

Mail would be delivered. Social Security and Medicare benefits would continue to flow.

But vacationers would be turned away from national parks […]

Obamacare -- Revolting

Here’s an interesting piece from Reason about physicians fighting back, er, working around Obamacare

Dr. Ryan Neuhofel, 31, offers a rare glimpse at what it would be like to go to the doctor without massive government interference in health care. Dr. Neuhofel, based in the college town of Lawrence, Kansas, charges for his […]

Our First Freedom

Supreme Court denies Hobby Lobby request for reprieve from health care mandate, Denied pending the appeal, but indicative of nothing conservatives didn’t already expect from Sotomayor.

Obamacare Thread

Hopefully I can retire my Obamacare image (or mostly retire it) after this morning’s Obamacare decision.

As always… liveblogging of opinions and orders at the ever-reliable SCOTUSblog here. They estimate the decision to be read at 10:15 AM EDT.

Have at it in the comments.

Opinion here


Silent Justice

Clarence Thomas haters and admirers love, deride, or don’t know what to make of his famed silence during Supreme Court oral arguments. I realize in today’s post-Oprah Psychobabylon nothing is ever as it seems — there simply must be another reason. My preference is to take things mostly at face value unless I have […]

Gathering Up the Smooth Stones

Bernini’s David

It seems that Belmont Abbey College, a small Catholic college, is gearing up for a fight against Obamacare and the arrogance of its namesake and its main cheerleader — Kathleen Sebelius:

Early last month, President Obama bragged to a St. Louis crowd about the recent Health and Human Services’ regulations that will require […]

Not Yet.

The Supreme Court rejected the Commonwealth of Virginia’s request to fast track the appeal of the constitutionality of Obamacare. No big whoop and the request was always a longshot in any case. While SCOTUS no doubt thinks this is an important case nationally… they also would like some time most likely to let the […]

Radio Free Threedonia 11-21-10 -- This, That and Lots of Other Things

The fellers knew no ups, downs, rights or slams of the left unturned this fine Sunday afternoon/evening. No special guests, but a call from Knottie brightened up the show for a little while. We got confirmation “Andy” Breitbart will be joining the gang next Sunday, too. Should be a helluva time.