Sunday Open Thread

33 years ago two days ago… perhaps the greatest sports moment on television, and I care not about hockey.

Not Funny… Not Racist

Greek triple jumper Voula Papchristou got hosed, i.e. banned from the London Olympics for tweeting this the other day:

“So many Africans in Greece at least West Nile mosquitoes will eat homemade food.”

The media labels it “the racist tweet” without explaining how. Riddle me this Threedonians. How is this racist? It’s a bad […]

A Winner

This is former Olympic bobsledder John Napier. He might be hard at work training for the 2014 Winter Olympics… if he wasn’t training to join a special forces unit.

As a bobsled pilot, he won gold and silver medals in the 2009 Lake Placid World Cup race, moving on to the Olympic team, competing […]

Say Ah!

Tracy… don’t let the kids watch!

$48 Million and One Trip to Denmark Later

Chicago is out in the first round! That is awesomely awesome awesomeness. I am so proud to be a Chicagoan today! And yeah, spending $48 milldo not to make the first cut is a little disturbing, but nothing compared to how much money would have been wasted if we “won”.

Today, conservatives in Chicago (both […]

Making the Chicago Olympics Special

OK. I’ll be fine with the Olympics coming to the Windy City if they include the sport whose playing field is shown above. Do you know it?


Nobody Knows But Jesus

Michelle Obama and Oprah are sacrificing to go to Copenhagen don’t ya know. I mean all the money she’s spening flying to Denmark on Air Force One to shill for the Chicago Olympics (I for one cannot wait for the bratwurst toss and the rhythmic back-shaving).

In her speech in Copenhagen today, First Lady […]

They’re Lucky To Be Alive (Classic Threedonia)

The IOC is investigating the age of the Chinese “women’s” gymnastic team. The parent’s meanwhile are outraged. Said the parents: “We’d have aborted these girls to erase the shame if we’d know this was going to happen!” “We are outraged. We play fair!”

I suggest the Hollywood Test. If Roman Polanski is turned on […]