F'd 35?

This author (David Axe)really doesn’t like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and seems to place the blame for it on the Marines. From a very long piece outlining the history of the fighter and the author’s views of its (in his view) irredeemable flaws:

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter was meant to improve the […]

Head Games

“Sequestration” is all the rage these days it seems. Of course most of the mainstream media tongue-bathes Obama in this issue. Bob Woodward, however, shows the lie that the GOP started all of this automatic spending cut nonsense and that Obama hisself started it all back in 2011 or so. Even so dear readers, […]

Make War Not Love

Defense Agency to Staff: PCs Are for Work, Not Porn. http://fxn.ws/Re4QH7 Our tax dollars at work. Can’t IT block a lot of this?

Cease and Desist

From the Hill’s Blog Briefing Room:

The Pentagon demanded Thursday that Wikileaks hand over classified Afghanistan war documents published leaked to the website.

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell at Thursday’s briefing said “the only acceptable course” is for Wikileaks to turn some 15,000 documents still being reviewed by the website back to the U.S. government […]