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Step This way Please...

Here’s your kick in the junk, and by the way thank you for your service.

By way of the Army Times comes this:

The President of these United States has instituted a commission designed to overhaul pay and benefits for the military. I am all for cleaning up inefficiencies and waste in government but the […]

Only the beginning

Maybe review this Independent Journal Review of Hollywood/Politician lookalikes before eating breakfast. Of course, you may not want to eat after that, but wanted to give the heads-up warning just in case. Fear not, BarryO, as you can see from one of the examples, it’s bipartisan.


I was all out of bubblegum

With a huge amount of appreciation to’s Carl Kozlowski, the podcast from my third appearance on his “The Koz Effect” online radio show, wherein I finally let loose on fellow panelist liberals statists, courtesy a whole bunch of pesky facts, slamming the bakers union’s deep-pocketed “leadership,” and debunking their media-fed idea of what […]

One Nation, under Oh-My-God

For those who didn’t think the Obama camp went full-retard narcissist enough with the “Office of the President-Elect” signs he touted between his election and swearing(s)-in, here’s a little something you can purchase for the BarryO in your respective lives.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city …

Hold it! Hold it, hold it, hold it!!!

While back-flips, hand-wringing and emotions of all kinds surfaced in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision on “Obamacare,” lest those not named Stosh or Kenn not forget, 255 (alleged) racists, from both sides of the aisle (at least the ones who didn’t walk out on […]

Just another Wednesday in a “doggy-dog” world

Double Dose o’ Ramirez

Daily Dose of Ramirez


You know it ain’t easy

Sadly, far too many on the left A) think the office of the U.S. Presidency amounts to little more than photo ops and Fernando’s motto of looking good over feeling good, B) diminish the office further by equating it to a reality TV show setting and C) likely missed the racism in labeling President […]


I honestly haven’t watched Monday Night Football on a regular basis in years — don’t even get me started on how God-awful I find the forced (lack-of) chemistry between the current lineup in the booth — so my feelings on Hank Williams Jr.’s MNF theme song getting pulled from tonight’s (and who knows for […]