What? We Were Members of the Insertion Team!

Let it be known… that it will soon be against the law for cops in Hawai’i to use the services of a prostitute. Hawai’i House Bill 1926 — the description of which says:

Prostitution; Sex Crimes

Description: Amends the offense of prostitution to clarify that a law enforcement officer shall not be exempt from the […]


Switzerland is opening up its own spin on In N Out (or maybe Steak and Shake for you Midwesterners). From the Telegraph:

They look like shelters for hikers in a national park, but these wooden sheds in Switzerland have a rather less innocent purpose – they provide a discreet location for men to […]

Scarlett A is for “Atlanta”

Atlanta’s city government has proffered an ordinance that would banish convicted prostitutes according to the Los Angeles Times.

The law would actually only banish them, including pimps and johns, from certain areas of the city. Great idea Atlanta. Natural law 101… When you see your neighbor’s house being treated for pests you better get ready […]

Secret Servicing Part Deux


It doesn’t look so good and now some military folks are involved as well. And while “boys will boys”  used to work the very close links to transnational organized crime and human trafficking — including the very real possibility that underage girls are involved make this a severe lapse in moral, legal, and ethical […]

It Was a Secret Servicing.

12 U.S. Secret Service agents have been sent home following allegations involving prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia as they were preparing for Obama’s visit this weekend for an economic summit.

The agents had been sent to the country to prepare security measures ahead of the president’s arrival. The Secret Service on Friday replaced the entire […]

I’m Too Sexy For My Liberty

Escorts claim Utah law makes acting sexy illegal, http://fxn.ws/wDYln4

Now you know where Rich and Rufus are.

No Officer. I Said “Six” Piece McNugget

How hungry are you? This hungry?

A Los Angeles woman was arrested on suspicion of prostitution after she allegedly offered sexual favors in exchange for Chicken McNuggets, Burbank police said.

Khadijah Baseer was seen opening customers’ car doors in a McDonald’s drive-through on the 1700 block of Olive Avenue late Wednesday night, Officer Joshua […]

They Were Speaking in Tongues

Phoenix Police Raid Church They Call House of Prostitution, http://fxn.ws/pbzOv7

To be fair… they were following a long history of pagan goddess worship… tithes should have been optional though.

To push away

I’m a little late, but still a helper when I can, even to ACORN.

Raheem Abdul Mohammed: “It’s the story about two pimps and wasn’t no brothers in it? I don’t know whether to say ‘Thank you’ or punch you in your mouth, man.”