U.S. and Them

The latest pre-order from our friends at Unapologetically American/Ranger Up. Dig!

We the People …

Limiting the power of the American people is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution. We the People, not We the Government.

For the ladies (and the ladies in our lives)

Our good friends at Ranger Up have a nice little somethin’-somethin’ which I do believe would look good on any woman of taste. If you agree, be sure to check it out in full and pre-order here. Be warned the language gets a tad saltier than the below excerpt.

There are two descriptions we wrote […]

Two-fer Tuesday

If I didn’t know any better, would swear someone at Ranger Up read a recent post here desiring Outlaw’s aviator weapon of choice on a shirt. Pre-order the below here, the latest piece of apparel sure to rile your thin-skinned friends.

When they designed the Apache Helicopter they pretty much decided to design a […]

That is what they want, this is what they get

Ranger Up’s awesome team, at it yet again with their latest shirt, now available for pre-order. However — and completely sucking up to Outlaw — rather they’d used an Apache firing the kill-shots.


a) We made this shirt to mock the bastardization of an inane verse in the Koran by Islamic fundamentalists to […]

Occupy This, Reality Version

The latest shirt from our friends at Ranger Up, tellin’ it like it is. Pre-order as necessary …

There are a lot of ways to change the world.

Sitting around in a park whining is not one of them.

The only way to actually accomplish anything of note, including the “change” this Occupy Wall […]

Just in time for Holiday Shopping!

Get yours from Ranger UP!

Percentage point this, ya ungrateful OWS bums

Our friends over at Ranger Up continue to crank out great t-shirt after great t-shirt (which works out great for receiving eye-rolls from my lib-co-workers on “casual Fridays” — it’s a hobby), this time spotlighting a statistic which both embarrasses me I can’t do more, and makes me all the prouder of those men […]

RF3D, back yet again (updated)

Radio Free Threedonia, Mach V (maybe VI, I’ve honestly lost track), 4-6 PM PST, and we promise no experiments in jazz odysseys. We do, however, guarantee the usual free-form controlled insanity you’ve come to expect over the last couple years.

Guests Tom Amenta from Ranger Up, Paul Strange from the band Strange Karma scheduled […]

The Fobitt Workout

Working the fat off for chairborne rangers everywhere.

Via BlackFive

Exercise No. 1: Fobgeneration

It takes nine seconds from the time you die in “Call of Duty” until you regenerate. Most people waste that time sitting in a chair getting fatter. You can maximize it for an optimal workout.

As soon as death is […]