Finally a Bipartisan Consensus

What is the one issue upon which members of both parties can agree? Slush funds. Big fat slush funds.

On Sunday, a 60 Minutes investigative report by veteran CBS reporter Steve Kroft and Government Accountability Institute (GAI) President and Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer revealed how leadership PAC loopholes allow members of Congress […]

And So It Begins?

The race topick up the pieces begins it seems.

Sen. Marco Rubio said the way to turn around the nation’s struggling economy is not to raise taxes on the wealthiest individuals, but rather to make “poor people richer” as he visited this politically important state in a trip certain to stoke speculation about Rubio’s […]

Last Night’s Republican Debate

From Rachel, Nevada.

And that's the double truth, Ruth!

Hereby nominating AlfonZo Rachel to replace Michael Steele as the head of the RNC. Any seconds to the nomination?

Paychecks vs. Food Stamps

From a strategy memo Newt Gingrich is sending to Republican candidates this year:

With less than 30 days left, it’s time to present your closing argument to the voters that you will aggressively repeat over and over until Election Day.

A closing argument is the central choice you want voters to have in mind as […]


David Marcoe, in the Open Thread linked to this post from the blog The Other MaCain. In it Robert Stacy McCain reiterates the very important point that House elections are not national elections, but local ones. And just because Obama’s ratings are in the toilet and Congress’ national standing is in the sewer — […]

Why I Think November Will Be A Smashing Victory for the GOP

Not that I think that the GOP is out of the woods… and like the Texas Rangers or the Chicago Cubs (or the Indians)… there’s always time to throw away the race… Rich referenced it a bit yesterday. But the Democratic Party platform can be summed up — and Obama gives it in just about […]

Coming in Second

Instapundit linked to this Washington Examiner blog post about a Pew Research Center poll where 26% of Democrats believe Jesus will definitely return within 40 years as opposed to 19% of Republicans.

According to the poll, 26% of Democrats believe that the Second Coming “will definitely” happen within the next four decades. In […]

A Ways to Go

Getting rid of the cancer that is the “big spender” in politics is not going to be resolved merely in one or two elections. It is going t be a long process — if this piece by Marc Thiessen is true. Not only do we need fiscal conservatives in the Senate and House… we need […]

Still Getting My Gloat On

Yesterday, Big Hollywood flashed back to something written by Steven Weber for The Huffington Post.  The “Wings” guy, remember?  The dopey one?

No, the really dopey one.  And that’s a pre-Wings Paul, anyway.

There’s the dope.  (And I didn’t go searching specially for a picture that makes you want to punch him.  This […]