Narrative and Truth are not Synonyms

Stephen Carter, a Yale law professor, has a great op-ed up at Bloomberg View comparing the CIA “Torture Report” and Rolling Stone’s non-rape rape story.

A fascinating side event to the furor over the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on the treatment of post-Sept. 11 detainees has been the debate over the […]

Get off your knees and hear the insect prayer

Adam Ant back in a glorious, glorious way, and well worth the wait for his Adam Ant Is the Blueback Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter album, even if he does seem to be aiming to be the UK’s answer to Fiona Apple in the lengthy album titles. I’d have shared a review a month […]

RIP – Herb Reed

Herb Reed, last surviving member of The Platters and the man who sang bass on their classics, passed away at the age of 83. RIP, m’man, and thank you so much for that sound and all the great tunes.

Reed, who sang bass on many of group’s Number One hits, was the only member of […]

Get ya’selves world boogie-fied

God knows I hate linking to commie lefties at Rolling Stone, but since it’s more of a shame more people don’t know who the North Mississippi Allstars are, you go with what you’re given to spread the word. Luther Dickinson, thank you for raising your boys Luther and Cody with such a deep respect for […]

Loose Lips And Journalistic Jerks

Two things up front: 1) there’s no excuse for General Stanley McChrystal letting the nose of Rolling Stone’s camel under his tent, and 2) based on that mistake, he had to be relieved. I understand, and agree with, Outlaw’s disdain over efforts to defend McChrystal now that the cow has exited from the barn, […]