Sucker M.C.

While otherwise thoroughly enjoying the Run-DMC. renaissance gracing my ears of late thanks to the Mrs. and I finally watching the Biography Channel segment on the band, couldn’t help but get more than a little tweaked by the author of the King of Rock deluxe edition liner notes. Not content to recognize the band as […]

You Are Here, There and Everywhere

Somewhere in America (or around the world), there’s a street (avenue, row, parkway or even an alley) not named after my dad (tip o’ the cap to all four Was (Not Was) fans at this site). Several with music-minded connections, though.

Monday Night Mashup

Whole Lotta Sex Machine

Do you see the light???

Sadly, Jake and Elwood’s mission from God didn’t make the cut in Rolling Stone’s list of rockers and rappers who turned to God — plus I have a bit of a problem with their seeming to equating Mohammad with God — but an otherwise interesting 11 stories, even if they omitted Run-DMC’s Joseph “Reverend Run” […]

Days of Future Past

Sure, I only own the first two in the collection, but nothing like a new Very Special Christmas album to get the holiday season in gear.

Since its inception in 1987, the “A Very Special Christmas” series has raised more than $100 million for Special Olympics worldwide, the most ever generated by a recording […]