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Not Putin Up With It

Russia Today is a Russian English-language news outlet in the U.S. that is a mouthpiece for the Russian government (similar to Press TV and Iran or the various Chinese “news” channels). Liza Wahl, one of their anchors, quit on air today. Good for her.

Ukraine — Another View

Here’s a piece from Mart Helm, a former Estonian Ambassador to Russia entitled: “Moscow understands only force and the willingness to sacrifice human lives.” via a blog I‘ve been reading lately called The XX (20) Committee:

Was Hitler done with the Anschluss? No. Neither will Russia be satisfied just with Ukraine. And after Ukraine, Russia [...]

Crimea River (of Trouble)

Russian troops on the move in the Crimea — video and pics at the Telegraph (UK):

Russian foreign ministry admits to entering Crimea from its Black Sea Fleet base as the Ukraine’s interior minister accuses country of ‘armed invasion’

In other news… President Squirrel and Vice President Moose are on the alert. Threat level [...]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

This folks is what’s called a “realist” view of the situation in Ukraine. From a blog called Traditional Right — The View from Olympus — Another Crimean War?

It may be that the winter Olympics in Sochi will have yet another, even more spectacular closing ceremony. What might that be? Russia retaking the Crimea.


Ukrainian Sides Reach Tentative Deal

Hopefully this works out, though I  don’t see how Putin would accept it.From the New York Times: ¬†European diplomats said on Friday that opposition leaders had agreed to sign an agreement with President Viktor F. Yanukovych to defuse the deadly political crisis here, although it was unclear whether they were demanding additional concessions from the [...]

In Class With Floyd — Geography

Ruthenian homelands overlaid with gas pipelines from Russia to Europe. From The Economist, 2009

Four years ago, almost to the day, I posted a story about an obscure (to Americans anyway) ethnic group called the Ruthenians whose homeland, as you can see above is in the region of the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine, Belarus, et [...]

The End of the End of History

That is the title of this very interesting piece from Walter Russell Meade at his blog Via Meadia at The American Interest on the new foreign policy challenges picking up steam in the latter half of 2013:

Sometime in 2013, we reached a new stage in world history. A coalition of great powers has long [...]

See Ya Later Alligator!

I would say the fear expressed in this news item from KPHO Phoenix are overstated, but having studied drugs and drug users for 15 years, I’d say concern, if not yet fear, is warranted.

Banner’s Poison Control Center says the two first cases of people using a drug that can rot flesh have been reported [...]

Guns Don't Kill People -- Russians Do

Kudos to NPR for “going there” on a story that must have given some of those folks heartburn. From NPR:

The U.S. and Russia have been taking lots of jabs at each other.

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized President Obama’s plan for a military strike in Syria, and the Russian leader then denounced American “exceptionalism” [...]

And The Other Shoe Drops

BREAKING: Chemical weapons checks in Syria can go ahead if US renounces use of force: Putin

— Agence France-Presse (@AFP) September 10, 2013

And now Boris is calling the shots while our Natasha dithers…