The Return of KP Duty?

I’m not sure what to make of this story from The Army Times:

Now that the Army’s training funds are scarce and soldiers have little to do outside the war zone, Army leaders are planning to put thousands to work in dining halls and as security guards.

Army leaders have approved a plan to […]

But They Still Have Money For Parties And Stuff Like That.

U.S. Air Force officials are grounding about one-third of active-duty combat aircraft as a result of the automatic federal budget cuts known as sequestration implemented in March.

The spending cuts will reduce the Air Combat Command’s (ACC) operations and maintenance accounts by about 45,000 flying hours, according to the Air Force News Service. The aircraft […]

Head Games

“Sequestration” is all the rage these days it seems. Of course most of the mainstream media tongue-bathes Obama in this issue. Bob Woodward, however, shows the lie that the GOP started all of this automatic spending cut nonsense and that Obama hisself started it all back in 2011 or so. Even so dear readers, […]