The First Woman President

Matthew Continetti at The Washington Free Beacon nails it.

So long have I waited for the glass ceiling to be shattered, for the barrier to be breached, for the blessed moment to arrive. I had thought that the day that begins with a woman in the Oval Office, with more than 50 […]

Er, Sie, Es

The Parentland continues its slide…

Germany has become Europe’s first country to allow babies with characteristics of both sexes to be registered as neither male nor female.

Parents are now allowed to leave the gender blank on birth certificates, in effect creating a new category of “indeterminate sex”. The move is aimed at removing […]

Scarlett A is for “Atlanta”

Atlanta’s city government has proffered an ordinance that would banish convicted prostitutes according to the Los Angeles Times.

The law would actually only banish them, including pimps and johns, from certain areas of the city. Great idea Atlanta. Natural law 101… When you see your neighbor’s house being treated for pests you better get ready […]

An Immodest Proposal

Laura Cannon, a 2001 West Point graduate, is — with apologies to Pat Benatar — arguing for love on the battlefield.

General Order No. 1 prohibits sex (and alcohol consumption) on an Army deployment. Typical deployments last approximately one year, so if West Point graduates follow the academy’s rules, then they abstain for all […]


And yet it has no urinal? Unisexism.

Rosetta Bone

Nothing says “learn a difficult language” like scantily clad models. From Orange UK:, whose motto is ‘Learning Mandarin in an unconventional way’, has become a runaway hit.

Would-be teachers are asked to submit a full-body photo, as well as any relevant modelling or teaching experience.

The course’s latest lesson, called Mirror, is conducted […]

Menage a What?

It looks like a Georgia jury decided a fourth person needed to be screwed.

The family of a Georgia man who died when his heart couldn’t take a three-way sex romp was awarded a hefty $3 million payout by a jury, according to reports.

William Martinez’s estate was originally seeking $5 million in a medical […]

Someone Call the Girl Scouts Er… Scouts!

It seems the Girl Scouts were just riding the wave… From the AP:

A small but growing number of teens and even younger children who think they were born the wrong sex are getting support from parents and from doctors who give them sex-changing treatments, according to reports in the medical journal Pediatrics.

It’s […]

Coitus Belli

Some of you may be familiar with the Aristophanes’ play Lysistrata. According to the above news item — it works! No peace… no piece I guess. Cue the Pat Benatar dance number….

Getting Screwed By the Government

From the London Sunday Telegraph:

One local authority is using its budget to pay for the services of a prostitute in Amsterdam, while others have said visits to lap dancing clubs are permissible under new policies which transfer funds directly to those who receive care from social services.

Holidays abroad, subscriptions for internet […]